6 Benefits of having Great Company

They say that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. This means that the quality of our company can be a huge determinant to our success in life.

Here’s what having great company can do for you.

1. Great company encourages you to dream big

Awesome company always remind you that the best is yet to be. It knows that while we should be grateful for the “good old days”, we should not forget about making the coming days even better.

This sort of company gets you to aim high, to dream wildly and to go all out for your passions.

2. Great company gets you to think of the big questions

It’s perfectly fine to be discerning about what type of coffee you drink in the morning, where you are going for lunch, what television program you should indulge in when you’re back from work, and what kind of holiday destination you are planning for in the months to come.

That’s alright, but great company knows that there’s more to life than such decisions. In fact, if the people you hang out with consider these questions rather trivial and superficial, then you are in great company!

Great company desires that you ponder and consider the bigger questions in life like:

  • “Where do I see myself 5 years down the road?”
  • “What is my life calling and what am I doing about it?”
  • “Am I leaving a legacy?”
  • “Who am I being a positive influence to?”
  • “Am I currently being a good steward of my time, money and resources?”

3. Great company pushes you past your comfort zone

Great company can’t wait for you to share your dreams and passions with them, as well as your plans of making them a reality.

However, they don’t stop there. They know that all talk without any action is meaningless. Therefore, they challenge you to step out of your comfort zone to truly pursue the passion and adventure that you have been dreaming of.

On top of that, they recognise that being too comfortable and familiar in our comfort zones can lead to complacency and stagnation, and that the best opportunities for growth and development exist outside our comfort zones.

4. Great company sees you for who you can be

They know that you are not perfect – that you have a tendency to fail, make mistakes and screw up. Big time. However, they see past your frailties and limitations, and recognise the great potential that is inside of you.

And because they see your potential, they are willing to invest their time, lives and resources in you. While you are still doubtful of your capabilities and unsure of your destiny, they know that your current state is far from what and who you can be.

5. Great company accepts your failures and mistakes

Your company of champions accepts you for who you are – the entire package with the good stuff (potential, passion, skills, capabilities) and not-so-good things (fears, failures, anxieties, doubts).

They recognise that failure is part of the journey of learning and that the failure is the incident, not the person. Furthermore, they are able to embrace failure and even encourage you to do the same because the greatest lessons are learnt from our failures, not successes.

6. Great company holds you accountable

They want you to be accountable for your action plan not because they want to breathe down your neck, but because they know that you need not go on your journey all alone and that you can use all the help you can get.

In addition, great company holds you accountable because that gives you the opportunity to take your passions seriously and to have ownership over the things you say you are going to do.

Can you think of other benefits which great company brings to us?

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