30 Ways to have a Kickass 2016

If 2015 was great for you, let’s make 2016 even better. Time to grab life by the balls and take the bull by the horns.

These are just a couple of ways on how you can kickstart your way to a remarkable and unforgettable 2016.

1. Invest in yourself

If you aren’t able to take care of yourself, how would you expect yourself to change the world?

Take the time and resources to invest in yourself in terms of your physical, mental, psychological, intellectual, social, financial and spiritual well-being.

2. Invest in others

Take the time to help others out in their journeys as well. Spend time with them working on fulfilling projects, having deep and meaningful conversations or even just having a great time to deepen the relationship.

3. Develop great habits and routines

We are the result of the culmination of our past choices and decisions.

It’s time to be intentional and proactive in the way we make our life choices.

Get into the habit of creating good habits and routines for yourself. Good habits are systems which run almost automatically and will produce desirable outcomes over the course of time.

Once you have developed good habits in your life (by sticking to certain activities for a few weeks), you can pretty much run them on auto-pilot.

4. Think big

Stop being bothered or obsessed with trivial and petty things.

Celebrity gossip, the weather, the mood of your barista, the arrival time of your train in morning commute – these are so miniscule in comparison to the bigger things in life.

Start looking beyond your own needs and wants and start thinking big. Start to see how you fit into the world at large and how to make a more meaningful contribution to the society and world around you.

5. Dream big

If your dreams don’t scare you and if you don’t feel embarrassed by sharing them to others, then they are probably not big enough.

Dream so big that you have much incentive to stay up at night and jump up from bed in the morning.

6. Challenge assumptions

Challenge the belief systems and the assumptions you have around you.

You might be told that the most secure path to a good life and career is to study hard in university and get into a good job in a good company that has good prospects and will keep you with them for a good period of time.

Challenge that assumption.

Are you sure that’s the best course of action given that no job is secure or guaranteed in this day and age? And if that path worked for others, does that necessarily mean that it would work well for you?

7. Challenge limits

You are only limited by the restrictions you place on yourself.

Are you and have you been limited yourself?

You have no idea on what you are truly capable of.

8. Make mistakes

We learn more from mistakes than successes. And through mistakes we build up strength of character and end up more thankful of our successes at the end of the day.

Be bold and be comfortable in screwing things up, as long as you have the best intentions. If your accuracy is 10%, then shoot 10 times. If it’s 1%, then shoot 100 times.

9. Learn from mistakes

Obviously, make mistakes and learn from them. And stop making the same mistakes. Even better, learn from the mistakes of others so you won’t have to waste time unnecessarily.

30 Ways to have a Kickass 2016-2

10. Take risks

Take the bull by the horns. Give Goliath the pebble he deserves.

Most people know that taking action has risks. But they don’t know that not taking action has risks as well.

11. Speak up

What do you believe in and what do you stand for? Develop your own voice and speak up, despite what the naysayers might say or do.

12. Do. Just do.

Don’t overplan. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do. An ounce of action is worth much more than a ton of theory.

13. Talk to strangers

Learn how to listen and to do small talk. You never know who you would meet and what you could learn from these social encounters.

14. Stop blaming

You will end up finding what you search for. People who keep looking for something to blame will find things to blame. Those who keep looking for things to do will find things to do.

Stop blaming and start pursuing things which are useful and meaningful.

15. Start taking responsibility

Stop playing the blame game and start taking charge and ownership over your life. Life is a circus. You can choose to be the beast or the beastmaster.

16. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Get used to thinking and working outside your comfort zone. Keep stretching and challenging yourself. It’s better to challenge yourself than to wait for life to kick you around.

17. Be the one initiating change

Change is the only constant. Are you the one making the change happen or are you waiting for change to come knocking on your door? Be the one who makes the change happen. Be the one who adapts, innovates and reinvents.

18. Get mentored

Find someone who can guide you in your respective journey. This is a great way to learn the lessons from someone else so that you shave off several years off in reaching your desired destination.

Getting mentored is also a great opportunity to receive 10, 20, 30 or more years of experience condensed in a few sessions. What a great way to learn, right?

19. Mentor someone

Find someone who is a few pages behind you and is ideally desiring to be where you are right now. Mentoring someone is your way of giving back and investing in the next generation of leaders and trailblazers. After all, you have been through certain experiences and your lessons and insights would be invaluable to someone on the same journey.

30 Ways to have a Kickass 2016-3

20. Rock your own boat

Shake up your routines, do something different, challenge your beliefs and assumptions and stir up your own world.

It’s easy for us to fall into set and comfortable routines which eventually form our status quo. When you shake things up, you would start to find opportunities to do things better and differently.

21. Ask for help

You don’t have to go through life alone. In fact, many others might have gone through what you are going through right now. So if you are stuck or struggling, feel free to ask for help and you would be surprised by the number of people who would give you a hand.

22. Do something you haven’t done before

Seriously, what’s stopping you? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The only things that’s stopping you is you or what you choose to believe in or not.

23. Your time, talents, money and resources. Give it back.

Don’t hoard what you have. Give it back, share it with others and with the world. Pay it forward, give someone else a hand.

We tend to feel more satisfied and fulfilled when doing things for others than for ourselves.

24. Be thankful.

It’s good to be future-focused and looking forward to achieve great things in the days to come, but don’t forget about living in the moment, counting your blessings and not taking anything or anyone for granted.

25. All in all the time

Attitude is everything. Your attitude determines your altitude in life.

Give your best shot in everything that you do.

26. Define your standards

Everyone has standards and everyone is at their current state as a result of the standards they have.

An athlete has a certain standard towards health, diet, nutrition and exercise. A couch potato also has a certain standard, albeit a very different one, towards health, diet, nutrition and exercise. And it is those standards which determine the level of fitness (or lack of it) of each individual.

27. Be hungry, so hungry to learn

Like what Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Never lose your hunger and curiosity to learn and to explore more into what the world can offer.

How is your informational diet like? Are you constantly enriching and nourishing your mind with material that builds you up? Are you consistently upgrading your skills and knowledge? The learning doesn’t have to stop even when school has.

28. Spend time with loved ones

Treasure your friends, family and loved ones, and hold them close to you. Never take them for granted and make the most of all the time you have with them, because when they are gone, they are gone.

Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything – just by being there and enjoying the moment together is more than enough.

29. Aim to be remarkable

Honestly, there’s nothing special or noteworthy about normal and mediocre performance. Sometimes being good is not good enough. Why? Because you can be so much more.

How do high achievers and peak performers look like in your field? What do they do? What standards and routines do they have? What values do they adhere to? Learn from them, sharpen yourself and soon enough you would join their ranks.

30. Be on the offense

Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.

Are you one who takes a proactive approach to life, or do you tend to react to things as they come by?


How would you want your 2016 to be? There’s a time to read about how 2015 went and there’s a time to pick up the pen and start writing the 2016 story. Time for you to grab life by the balls and take the bull by the horns!

Here’s to an awesome 2016!

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