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2x TEDx speaker. Finished 103km ultra-marathon. Sent 526 resumes over 561 days to secure employment. Fired from 1st job out of university. Manned a machinegun trench as an infantryman. Dominic believes that success is all about turning adversity into advantage. He’s spoken to thousands of students and professionals in the U.S., Australia, Asia and Africa, and has been featured on, The Age and The Herald Sun.

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No-BS Career Coaching & Workshop Benefits

Learn what it takes to be kickass in your life and career.

Develop your success mindset

See success as your duty and service to the world and people around you.

Overcome your fears

Free yourself from your fears and the things holding you back.

Establish an unstoppable drive and resilience

Build up the grit and toughness to power yourself towards success.

Turn adversity into advantage

Transform setbacks into comebacks. Use them to refine you, not define you.

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Dominic has a gift of seeing his partners/clients not just for what they are but for what they could possibly become. This dynamic with Dominic not only makes him a great coach to work with but also a visionary mentor to have. His insights will be there to stretch your limits and widen your perspectives in careers and networking. Through my sessions with Dominic, he has helped me build a unique personal brand that stood out during my interview with my current company which coincidentally stands for one of his mottos: BE the solution to your client’s challenges.

Jaykerr Cheong

Coaching from Dominic definitely gave me a confidence boost and equipped me with the necessary skills and mindset to excel in tomorrow’s marketplace. I’ve also gotten a great job offer as a result of it.

Samantha S.

Dominic instantly engaged our audience when he was invited to our Alumni Networking Event as a keynote speaker. His message resonated with everyone, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback on his presentation.

Angelique Christodoulides

Angelique Christodoulides

Thank you very much for your engaging Empowerment Presentation to our group recently, designed to assist us to excel personally and professionally. It was a really interesting and informative session which everyone enjoyed.

Ian Pratt

Ian Pratt


Dominic was an outstanding presenter, he captured the essence of our desired outcomes from our event, displayed a professionalism I have not experienced from a guest speaker. His passion for career development was evident in everything he said.

Maha Siddiqui

Maha Siddiqui


Dominic is an engaging presenter who has created a great formula for sharing essential career development advice and job search success strategies in an interactive and captivating style.

Daniela Reichert

Daniela Reichert

Senior Manager

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Learn what it takes to be kickass in your life and career.
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