7 reasons to call the company before your job interview

Going for a job interview soon? Don’t just research the company online – do this and get an extra edge over the other candidates.

The most common thing for candidates to do after receiving the interview invite is to do some research on the company online.

If you want an extra advantage over the competition, pick up the phone and give the company a ring.

7 reasons for you to do so.

1. You make a solid impression

The simple fact that not many would make this move means that if you did it, you put yourself way ahead of the competition. And this is a great way to start building an impression with the company and employer and to showcase your personal brand even before you step into the interview.

2. You demonstrate initiative

You making the call means that you are making the first-move to establish contact with the company.

It shows that you are really interested to find out more about them – their culture, values, mission, vision, projects, challenges, industry, etc.

It shows that you are not one who just sits around to wait for things to happen, but one who proactively makes things happen.

3. You can truly find out what the role is about

In this case, give the company a call and ask to speak to someone who works in the role which you are applying for.

For instance, if I’m invited for an interview for a management consultant position with a business consultancy, I could jump on LinkedIn, search for the company and find out who are the professionals who are working as management consultants in that firm.

I would then ring the company and request to have a quick conversation with so-and-so to find out more about her role, some of the projects she might be working on, the challenges and highlights of the job, the team’s culture, etc.

4. You break the ice

When you give the company a call and have conversations with individuals there, you have already made the first move to break the ice.

This means that on the day of the interview itself, you would not be visiting the company cold. You would have already briefly known some of the employees there.

5. You develop self-confidence

If picking up the phone and making that call gives you the chills, you are not alone, and I know how you feel.

It’s true. Making that phone call takes guts and it’s not easy. If it was easy, everyone else would have done it already.

When you make the call despite your fears and concerns, you flex and stretch your confidence muscles. And it’s all about working at it step by step. Once you have made your first call, you can make the second and third and fourth and so on.

6. You gather “conversational ammunition”

The common misconception about interviews is that it’s about interviewing you for the job.

Well, there’s some truth to that, but performing the interview just for the job’s sake isn’t the complete story.

The interview is purposed for the employer to get to know you better as a person and individual. It’s a process of discovery for not only your skills, qualifications and educational history, but also your values, character, personality and worthiness for culture-fit within their organisation.

Which explains why interviews usually begin with small talk.

This is where your extra advantage comes in.

During the small talk phase, you can mention that you really enjoyed the conversation you had with the interviewer and/or so-and-so (the professional who works in the role you are applying for).

And later on in the interview when they ask you why you want to join their company, you can bring up the fact that you spoke to so-and-so and was really thrilled at the scale of the projects which the company is working on, as well as how it really invests in its employees.

7. You give them more reasons to talk about you

Say you spoke to Mike, the management consultant, in the firm which you would be having your interview at.

What could happen next?

Mike could be sitting beside his team leader who is also not too far away from the manager, Sally, who would be interviewing you.

Because they are in proximity and they are obviously colleagues, they would talk amongst one another and Mike might mention that you gave him a call because he heard from Sally that she was shortlisting a couple of candidates for management consultant roles.

This works in your favour and grants you extra brownie points with Sally.

And guess what? On the day of the interview itself when you meet Sally, she might mention that Mike told her about you. What a great first impression you made even before you stepped in for the interview!


What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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