Life is all about choices. And we are the result of the combination of choices and decisions we have made.

Take a look at an all-star athlete.

She didn’t turn out that way by accident. Her endurance and stamina are where they are at because of choice, not chance.

She is in a particular physical shape because of the choices she has made over the last seconds, minutes, hours, days, years and decades.

Whether to wake up at 4.30am to hit the gym or not. Whether to indulge in fast food or not. Whether to party till 3am or to rest early (so that she can rise early to train).


You can go down a mountain by chance (i.e. by accident – slipping and falling down) or by choice (i.e. by descending it deliberately). But you can’t arrive at the summit by accident. It has to be by choice.

What are you choosing today?

Worrier or warrior. Victim or victor. Obstacles or opportunities. Problems or possibilities. To be defined by your mistakes or be refined by them. For failure to be a stop sign or a mere road bump.


Sometimes you have to make choices which are uncomfortable, unpopular or inconvenient.

But make them anyway.

Make a decision which your future self would thank you for.

Make choices based on your core purpose and passions.

Don’t just make them out of pure irrational emotion or peer pressure or fear or reluctance.

Make your choice. Stick to it and execute it.

You will see the difference.

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