Usually when I work till late in the office, I take the taxi home.

During my taxi rides, I always love asking the cab driver their thoughts about Uber.

All of whom I spoke to said that Uber has impacted their business and that they are now finding it harder to get customers. This started happening after more people started asking is z trip cheaper than uber?

One cab driver said that Uber has affected his earnings but he is actively looking out for more opportunities and is considering doing extra study to improve his career options.

Another cab driver also acknowledged that Uber has impacted his business. When I asked about what he plans to do about it and whether he would consider switching to Uber, he just said that it was too expensive and that he “is only a driver”.

Which of these 2 cab drivers would be in a better career and financial position a few months down the road? The answer is obvious.

Have you heard some people or even your colleagues say something like “I’m only a <position title>. It’s not my job to do this.” or “They hired me as a <position title>, so I’m not paid to do this.”

While sometimes it’s good to know the boundaries of your job scope, sometimes you need to know when to go the extra mile. That’s why it’s called the extra mile!

The key to excelling in your job and career is to make a decision to stop being average. And to do that, you need to start to disrupt your way of working and thinking.

Let’s use the cab driver as an example.

The first thing to do is to disrupt his mentality. He needs to stop seeing himself only as a driver. He is more than that and he is more capable than what he thinks he is.

And the second thing to disrupt is his work routine. A driver only drives. But if he sees himself as more than just a driver, he would be primed to see and seize more opportunities around him.

Seeing himself as a business person/owner is the first step to taking ownership of his situation. So if Uber is impacting him, what can he do? What are his options? How can he improve his value add to his customers?

When he is ferrying customers, if he just sees himself as a driver, then he would just drive. Maybe he might do some small talk or just keep quiet and get the customer from point A to B.

But if he sees himself as a business owner, he would make every effort to speak to his customer along the journey, find out about what they do and network. And he would be surprised with what could happen as a result of it!

Once he gets home after his shift, if he just sees himself as a driver, he would most likely just sit in front of the TV and relax because his shift is now over. However, if he puts on his business owner cap, he would seize every single opportunity during his spare time to improve himself, upskill, read books and explore any other opportunities available to him.

To attain excellence, we need to disrupt average.

How about yourself? Does your life and routines need a little disrupting?

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