5 Tips to Peek into a Business Leader's Mind

As marketplace leaders have hectic schedules, getting hold of them can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible.

Apart from managing the business, the people under them, and their hectic schedules, they also have their own personal responsibilities. However, these individuals are usually more than happy to help out the less experienced, to spare someone else the struggle of repeating the same mistakes as them, for sure avoiding payroll pitfalls that they used to have.

If you have the opportunity to meet an important person, don’t waste the chance.

Also if you are starting a new business and you are getting problems with your business payroll you may need the help from a professional in payroll administration service.

Here are 5 tips to peek into the mind of a business leader.

1. Actively build the connection

Relationships are easier built on common ground. Therefore, the willingness to share information would increase if these important people know you or if there are common things both parties have.

To be active in building the connection, think of it as more of a transaction between you and person you admire. It is a two-way conversation rather than a one-way lecture. People want to know that they are of value to others, but also are valued by others.

2. Honour their time

Most busy businessmen don’t have the time to meet up for long sessions. Suggest meeting up over a cup of coffee or over the phone. Get him or her at the best time suitable for them, whether it is early in the day before things get busy or after hours. Keep your get-togethers short and concise.

3. Work out what you want to get and what you can offer

Nowadays, you can get almost any information from just about anywhere – all you need is Google. Trying to get basic and general advice from a busy person might be a high wall to climb. Think through what you really want out of the meeting, be specific and concise, and to-the-point.

From there, be professional in your approach to the individual. it is important to create a good impression. Explain why you are reaching out, why the person is the best person for you to give you what you are looking for. Remember, at the end of it all, most people want to know what’s in it for them too, so be sure you have some input too, even if its just an encouraging compliment to their work. This amplifies point 1 and 2 as well.

4. Do some research

In this day and age, everyone is very much connected through the Internet. Do some research before and after meeting someone important. Be prepared before by checking if the person is a member of any local organisation or going for any conferences or events. Take the opportunity then to seek the advice you need. Drop an email to him or her beforehand requesting for a brief chat.

After the meeting, follow the person through social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). Learn about the person, the business, and the perspectives on the business. Try to integrate yourself in his or her network.

5. Be grateful

There are many ways to thank a person. The easiest way is to write a thank you note through email or post a letter. Sometimes a personalised gift is always appreciated. Another way to really show that you are grateful is to be involved with the person’s network and build a genuine professional relationship. If you’re lucky enough to have another encounter, grow the relationship.

What are your tips on how to pick someone else’s brain?


Image courtesy of Eric Cuthbert.
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