Always take a posture of offence

The gazelle has to outrun the fastest lion, but the lion just has to outrun the slowest gazelle. Which one do you want to be?

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Amazon Go could bring death to 3.4 million jobs in the US

Scan an app on your phone. Grab your groceries. Walk out. No lines, no humans, no checkout counters required.

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The best career advice I got came like a kick to my nuts

I've received a ton of career advice from big players and game changers in the marketplace. But this one is unforgettable.

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What 2 cab drivers told me about Uber

All taxi drivers I spoke to acknowledged Uber's impact on their business. Who survives the disruption is totally up to them.

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5 Ways You Stand Out as an International Student in the Jobs Market

Coming from a foreign country and having to assimilate yourself in a new environment is not an easy feat. And not to mention finding your point of difference when competing with…

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Why the bottom of the barrel exists

People rise to the top through excellence or sink to the bottom because of mediocrity. Being mediocre might feel safe and comfortable, but it is seriously dangerous. The bottom of…

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Be exceptional, find your point of difference, have a great attitude – interview with Brian

I recently got the chance to pick the brain of Brian Holmes, Director of Xponential Philanthropy, an organisation specialising in raising millions of dollars for not-for-profit…

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