Whatever you’ve achieved in life involved taking a (calculated) risk and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Nothing great comes easy. If it was easy, then everyone would have it and have done it, and then it won’t have significant value.

The hardcore fan might have a blast supporting his favourite soccer team in the stadium, but it’s only those on the field who will walk away with the trophy.

You might be thrilled watching athletes and elite performers slug it out on the world stage in the Olympics, but it’s only those in the games who get the medals.

You might see your friend kill it in her career, health, relationships, finances, etc, but it’s only her who walks away with the prize.

You might notice issues in your life, with the economy, the industry or the government, but it’s only those who make the effort to get their hands dirty who will implement change, or at least get the ball rolling.

You might be inspired by the formerly depressed single mother who overcame all odds and scaled Everest to raise funds and awareness for women empowerment, but it’s her who is making the impact and she walks away with the massive accomplishment.

It’s one thing to stand, watch and even support from the sidelines, but it’s another to fight, sweat and bleed in the frontlines.

It’s one thing to wait for something to happen or watch things happen, but it’s another to actually make things happen.

It’s one thing to talk, but it’s another to do.

It’s one thing to take action after feeling inspired, but it’s another to keep taking action even when the inspiration and motivation wears away.

All the success you want – your dream job, dream car, dream house, dream guy/girl, or any other dreams – are waiting for you outside your comfort zone. You just have to get out there to get them.

Remember, there are no rewards to those who play it safe. Playing it safe might be nice and comfortable, but it’s one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself.

So when are you going to step into the field, into the ring, into the arena, and get your hands dirty?

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