Is your boss insecure Ask these 10 questions to find out

Are you often micro-managed and feel that your every single move is being watched? If so, you might have an insecure boss.

Here are some questions to help you find out.

1. Do you not hear from him if you do things right? In other words, do you only hear from your boss when things aren’t done right?

2. If a mistake is observed in a report, does he find reasons to point the finger at someone else, instead of assuming responsibility?

3. You don’t get questioned when you leave late, but you do when you try to leave early. True?

4. Do you get put down for giving open and honest feedback, and have to end up resorting to providing politically-correct responses?

5. Does this happen to you? You came to a verbal agreement with your boss about your vacation date. At a meeting down the road, your boss says that he can’t remember having that conversation or even says that he needs you to work on that date now. And he also blames you for why you aren’t able to change your flight date.

6. Does your boss love working with your more “submissive” colleagues just because they are less likely to question his work and intentions?

7. Does he place a greater emphasis on facts, rather than trends and developments? Does he love to play it safe and stick to what the numbers say rather than going out on a limb?

8. Is your boss over-delegating? This could be due to a lack of competence where the boss can just get others to cover up for him. Additionally, if things go well, does he take the credit? And if things fall, does he find someone to blame?

9. Or is your boss not delegating? This could be because he wants to micro-manage and to be in control of everything.

10. Do you even need to seek approval from him about trivial matters, since he needs to have a hand in everything that goes on in the business?


If it’s a “yes” for most of these questions, then your boss might be insecure.

What would you do if you have an insecure boss? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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