The next time you find yourself whining, whinging, sulking and complaining about something or someone, remember this: it takes about the same effort to complain about it as it is to do something about it.

The same amount of energy used to complain can and should instead be channeled to doing something useful and constructive.

Complaining that you can’t fit into your clothes takes energy. So does working out and heading to the gym. The latter moves you ahead in your physical health and state while the former keeps you stuck.

Complaining that the jobs market is tough takes energy. So does taking the initiative to upskill yourself and improve your employability. The latter moves you forward while the former doesn’t change a thing about your career.

Complaining that certain people are nasty takes energy. So does taking the time to understand them and the situation, and to exercise care and empathy. The latter makes you a bigger person and grows your emotional intelligence, while the former just reinforces your perception that “there are only nasty people around” since you keep perpetuating that belief.

Complaining that the task/project is too tough and challenging takes energy. So does being proactive and doing whatever it takes to get up to speed, learn the necessary skills and obtain any help you need. Or even delegate it to someone else who can do it better. The latter moves things forward, the former stalls them.

Complaining that the weather sucks takes energy. So does taking the effort to create a weather machine. Or to just get along with the day and make the most of it. The latter gets things going, the former is merely fruitless.

So what are you complaining about lately?

Yes, sometimes we just need to let off some steam. But remember! Your mission isn’t to dwell on things that hold you back or things that doesn’t change anything.

I read somewhere that if you want to live a fuller, healthier and wealthier life, you need to exercise diligence in all the things you do.

Complaining is mere laziness. Execution is about constructive action.

Complaining doesn’t change the circumstance much, and it might even make things worse. Execution is all about exercising your creative muscles and flexing them to come up with a solution.

Complaining perpetuates poverty. Execution creates wealth.

Complaining is about finding someone or something to blame. Execution is about taking responsibility and ownership about things.

So, do you want to complain or do you want to execute and do something about it?

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