We have all experienced this at least at one point of our lives.

We have a dream. A goal. An ambition. Which we want to achieve.

We start off really excited. We are kept awake by thoughts of how amazing it would be. And that our lives would never be the same again.

This could be a passion, a calling, a project, a gift or an initiative. Whether you’re a go-kart racing enthusiast or a DIY hobbyist, this go-kart body is a great start for your next project. It’s the perfect foundation for building your custom kart, giving you the freedom to add whatever engine, wheels, and components you choose.

Singing, baking, taking a language class, travelling, speaking in front of a crowd, starting a business, applying for a bigger position, going after that girl, moving to a new country, etc.

And then we stop in our tracks because we think that we are not good enough.

That no one would bother to listen to us when we step up on stage to speak.

That no one would pay (that amount) for our craft, baked goods or planning expertise.

That no one would clap when we finish our song.

That people would mock us, laugh at us, ridicule us and wonder why we bothered to step out of our comfort zones to pursue that dream, when we could have remained comfortable and rested on our laurels.

Are we really good enough? For ourselves, for others, for our loved ones, for the world out there?

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Be careful of what you feed your mind.

If you feed it positivity, you would end up with positive actions that bring about constructive results.

Feed it with negativity and you would get something totally different.

If you think that you are not good enough, you would remain not good enough.

But if you think that you are good enough, that you stand a chance and that you deserve success, you would become good enough and even greater than good enough.

In fact, stop toying with “good enough” and start working to becoming remarkable in what you do.

Here’s 4 insights to kick you in the face whenever you feel that you are not good enough to do something great.

1. You are not just being scared. You are being selfish.

There are countless times when I’m extremely nervous when I’m about to speak on stage. You can call it anticipation, expectation and excitement. It’s a combination of those, plus some elements of fear.

When I’m on the verge of freaking out whether before heading on stage, pitching to an organisation or speaking to an executive about the importance of developing her staff, I take deliberate steps to snap myself out of my fear.

I tell myself that if I ever held back because I was scared, I was not only being scared, but selfish as well.

Why and how?

Because if I didn’t give my 150% on stage when speaking, the audience and attendees suffer. Besides, there might be one or two or even more individuals in the crowd who need to hear what I’m saying or could use some advice from the session.

So if I back down because I’m scared that I’m not good enough, they are the ones who miss out.

Go ahead, feel the fear and do it anyway.

2. Your gift is your service to the world.

Like the point above, your gift, passion and talent can and should be used not just to satisfy yourself but to serve others and the world around you.

You are a tool, an asset, an instrument.

It is your duty and mission to hone and refine your craft so that you can deliver exceptional value to others.

If you are a singer, it’s less about the nervousness of one person (i.e. yourself) and more about captivating, entertaining and enchanting the 250 guests at your show.

So stretch your perspective. It’s not always about you.

3. More time spent worrying is less time executing/delivering.

Let me say this bluntly. All the whining, sulking, complaining, worrying and b*tching isn’t going to improve anything. In fact, it’s going to make you and others feel worse.

The less time you spend obsessing about whether you are good enough, the more time you have to train and develop yourself so that you eventually become good enough, if not more than good enough.

The less time you spend complaining, the more time you spend adding value.

The less time you spend talking about your problems, the more time you have to come up with solutions.

4. Life is short.


Anything can happen.

While we live in exciting times with change and disruption, we also live in an age of turbulence and uncertainty.

Touch on whatever wood, the ceiling on top of me could collapse anytime. A kid with an automatic weapon could go to school and ^&#^5. A sleepy truck driver on the road could fail to see me when I’m crossing the road and &#^^$.

You get the point.

Every day is a blessing. Whenever I go on stage to speak, I always choose to give my 150% and do it as if it was my last speech. Why? Because one day I’ll be right.

The day will come when we are sitting on a rocking chair with our grandkids around us or lying on our deathbeds with our loved ones around us.

At that time, it’ll be too late to chase that dream, pursue that passion and make the leap of faith.

Remember. There are many pains in life. The pain of execution, of discipline, of hardship, of failure, of rejection, etc.

But the greatest pain is the pain of regret.

It’s always better to try and fail, than to fail to try.

So whenever you feel like you are not good enough to do that something, I hope you would rethink and reconsider. You have so much to offer to the world and we are eagerly waiting to see your magic!

Go for gold!

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