How to make Mondays your bitch

How to make Mondays your bitch

How to make Mondays your bitch

Monday blues. Mondayitis. Post-weekend hangover. Call it whatever you want.

Do you hate Mondays? Do you swell up with dread and anxiety as soon as Sunday is rolling to a close?

Let’s dive in and address the elephant in the room.

On your way to work, take a moment to notice your fellow commuters. How are they doing? How are they looking? What’s the general atmosphere on your way to work?

Findings from Gallup revealed that only 33% of U.S. workers and 15% of workers worldwide are engaged. The rest are either just doing the bare minimum or even worse, getting in the way of those who are doing something constructive.

Truth to be told, most people don’t really like their jobs. Many are just surviving and trying their best to cope. They are there because they have to. They would rather be somewhere else.

If you dread Mondays because you are merely living for the weekends. You need to rethink your approach and attitude.

It’s time to turn this whole thing around and use Mondays to your advantage. It’s time to make your Mondays your bitch.

1. Start the day right

Admiral McRaven, who’s the 9th commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, shared during his speech at the The University of Texas Commencement in 2014 of the importance of making your bed.

Why bother making your bed when you’ll be going in at night and messing it up anyway?

The whole point is that if you make your bed, you would have already accomplished a good thing in the day. And he said that he you did have a bad day, at least you’d be coming home to a nice bed.

Start your day right.

Get up on time (at least), or even better, get up early. Do some exercise and get your body moving. Then have a proper breakfast so that your body is fuelled up to take on the day.

And the night before, write down what you want to achieve the following day and week, so that when you awake on Monday, you already know what you need to do and that you are waking up with things to look forward to. You are intentional and you are going to make things happen.

2. Get your head right

You need to see success as your duty and service to the world and the people around you.

People who dread Mondays tend to go about the day with thoughts like:

  • “Oh my gosh, my head is spinning and I can’t wait for this to be over!”
  • “Why has the weekend gone by so quickly?”
  • “I’m back into the grind again…”
  • “I just gotta hang in there, man. Just hang in there.”

Notice how bloody selfish and self-centered those thoughts are?

If you are dragging your feet around and looking all gloomy throughout the day, how do you think your colleagues and customers will feel?

If you are a teacher and you drag your feet to the classroom, who suffers? The students!

If you are a customer-service representative and you drag your feet to work, who suffers? The customers, your colleagues and your company!

If you are a parent and you drag your feet when you’re with them, who suffers? The kids!

Monday is a brand new day for you to get shit done. Yes, there are many challenges waiting to pounce on you, but you need to be the one who takes ownership and responsibility of your situation and go out there and kill your goals.

If you want to bring home the bacon, you need to go out there, spill some blood and make something happen. Now get over your self-centered thoughts.

3. Always have a great attitude

Truth is, most people who live average lives allow their feelings and emotions to dictate their decisions.

Most people: Feelings –> Decision –> Action

Oh, it’s warm in bed and cold outside. And I don’t really feel like hitting the gym today, so I think I’ll give it a pass. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next time. Oh, and then you realise why you still can’t fit into your pants. Oh, and then you regret that decision. Oh, and then you end up on the couch with your tub of ice cream. Again.

Successful people: Decision –> Action –> Feelings

Successful people do it differently.

In one of her speeches, Mel Robbins talks about the 5 second rule.

Essentially, we only have about 5 seconds to make a decision. After that, our primitive and reptilian brain will step in and start to talk you out of making that decision.

“Oh, it’s okay to skip the gym today because you can go back tomorrow?” “Talk to the boss? What if he’s really in a bad mood?” “Are you sure you want to talk to that girl? Can you deal with it if she rejects you in front of everyone else?”

Make a decision, do it, and then the (good) feelings will follow.

You don’t get a great attitude. You produce it and bring it to every situation you encounter, whether you feel like it or not. Start now!

4. Go on the offensive and do the hard things

Life is full of challenges.

Whether you play it safe, small and scared or big, bold and brazen, it’s still going to be tough. So you might as well go epic.

Most people shun away and try their best to hide from their problems. But people who are successful deal with problems head on and they even create newer and bigger problems to address. And people who are able to solve problems are more valuable in society and in the marketplace.

Go on the offensive when facing your problems.

Every morning I have my kill-list. I used to call it my to-do list, but I’ve renamed it because every single one of my goals/tasks for the day is a target which needs to be eliminated before I call it a day. I need to kill of the items like a hitman picks away at his targets. If I go home with things left undone, I’m not a hitman; I’m a shitman.

Don’t be a shitman. Attack your goals, tasks, problems and challenges like the plague. Exterminate them with extreme prejudice. Kill them all and hang them up for public display.

If adversity wants to pick a fight with you, make sure you punch back hard, and make sure your fist emerges from the other side of its head.

5. Go above and beyond

There is no/little traffic on the extra mile.

Most people are content just to get by. Heck, some people even struggle to do the bare minimum.

Don’t be satisfied with merely doing enough. You want to smash it, crush it and kill it. You want to knock it out of the park.

Make going above and beyond your new norm.

Be so hungry, thirsty and desperate for success that mediocrity becomes treason and sacrilege to you. You need to see the pursuit and attainment of success as your duty and service to the world and to the people around you.

If you’re not going to push hard for your dreams, don’t expect others to do it for you. And in fact, you might most likely be pushed around to fulfil the dreams of others if you don’t do so for yourself. And what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for written permission to do great things? Are you waiting to get the stamp of approval or validation from your peers before you step out? Are you waiting till you’re lying on your deathbed before you will start doing something meaningful?

It’s time to get off your ass and get moving. If you rest on your laurels, you rest in peace.


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Now go out there and make something happen!

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