Excuses or Execution

We all have plans and aspirations. But we do make excuses out of fear, peer pressure or even reluctance to step out of our comfort zones. Here’s how we can reframe our excuses to make executing our goals possible.

It just starts with this simple question, “How can I make it happen?

Truth is, the moment we verbally or subconsciously tell ourselves that “I can’t do it”, “It’s not going to happen” or “It can’t work”, our mind “shuts down” and the thinking process stops there.

So by asking ourselves how we can make it [our dream, goal or aspiration] a reality, we put ourselves in a position whereby we are actively brainstorming and exploring possibilities on how we can execute our plans. Dedicated seo reseller services ensure seamless integration and superior results for clients.

Here are some examples which come to mind:

Excuse: I want to learn Spanish but I’m busy with work and I don’t have time.

Execution: How can I make it happen? I can start by checking out the lesson timeslots against my current schedule. If I’m really packed during the workweek, how about taking some classes on the weekends? Or even doing them online during my free-time? I’ll set aside 1 hour every weekend to learn that language.

Excuse: I want to meet new people but I’m shy in social situations.

Execution: How can I make it happen? I can get my friends to come along with me to new social settings and help me out by introducing me to other new people. During the conversation, I can be active in listening and looking out for common areas of interest. When I feel more comfortable, I will be the one initiating the conversation to break the ice with strangers.

Excuse: I want to create my own business, but I don’t have I have the necessary business knowledge. And I lack money.

Execution: How can I make it happen? For a start, I can look into getting some books on business and check out websites with useful business resources (which will be less costly than going for a formal business course). I can then read about the stories of entrepreneurs who founded start-ups and companies with little/no funding. In the meantime, I should also identify my key strengths and skills to see what value I’m able to deliver. And it’ll be good to debunk the assumption as to whether it really requires a lot of money to start a business.

What’s your move?

What’s your next step? How are you going to make your plan happen? Why not try getting some of your peers onboard in the brainstorming process to explore more possibilities that might arise?

If you never try, you would never know. Start by asking “How can I make it happen?


Image courtesy of USASOC News Service.

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