Eleanor Roosevelt said “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

What are you talking about and what have you been discussing?

I want to challenge you to be the bigger person in EVERYTHING that you do.

If someone steals credit for your work, gently move on because you can produce even greater work.

If someone offends you, forgive the person and do something nice for him.

If others are gossiping and talking about someone else behind their back, you step in and say positive things about that person.

If others are finding fault in someone, you find the gems and treasures in them.

If others are finding problems, you find solutions.

If your competitors are looking at you to find ways to beat you, you look and keep looking at your customers so that you can serve them even better.

If you start to feel like whining, complaining and coming up with excuses, override them by doing something constructive.

If you feel like you a lacking in a certain area, give.

Be the person who’s comfortable in admitting that you made the mistake, because you value learning the lesson more than the passing discomfort of looking stupid.

Be the person who readily gives, serves and contributes because you fundamentally operate from an abundance mentality.

Be the person who’s willing to perspire much so that you can inspire many.

Be the person who believes in yourself firmly because you (already) have what it takes to be the solution to the problems out there.

Be the person who sees the possibilities in problems and opportunities in obstacles, not vice versa.

Be the bigger person.

The world needs you!

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