Screw TGIF and Low Expectations

It’s so easy for us to proclaim “Thank God it’s Friday” in light of the weekends approaching. We can definitely do better than this.

I must confess that I had been in the position where I dreaded Monday and felt really downcast on Sunday night and counted down the days for the arrival of the weekends.

That just simply caused me to do the bare minimum of what’s expected of me, to scrape by and to survive.

And when it’s Saturday, I would rejoice and when Sunday came to a close, I was dreadful again.

Rinse and repeat that for 52 times and a whole year would be spent on low expectations.

Thankfully, I quickly came to the realisation that life could meant more than just living for the weekends and submitting to mediocrity. I believe that we have so much to offer to the world and those around us, and doing just the bare minimum is an utter waste of our time, talents and resources.

So what did I do instead?

I chose to embrace my work, my work week, my vocation as well as the many challenges that lie ahead of me.

Instead of taking a reactive stance of hoping and praying that the week would go through as easily and smoothly as possible, I braced myself and proactively chose to make the best use of whatever came my way.

If things went well, I would be grateful.

If things screwed up, I would learn from them.

If people did well, I would praise and learn from them.

If people screwed up, I would forgive and encourage them, and also learn from the entire situation.

I firmly believe that life is what we make of it.

If we choose to see problems and obstacles, that’s what we will find. However, if we choose to see the possibilities in the midst of problems and opportunities in the midst of obstacles, what a difference this would make!

Therefore, I say screw TGIF! Because we can (and should) be thankful for everyday. How about “Thank God For Everyday”?

What are you thankful for today? Share your thoughts in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

Image courtesy of jpmiralles.
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