7 Ways to Achieve Maximum Performance like an Olympian

Olympians are one of a kind. They are extremely fit, determined and talented. Their training and physical regimes extend through countless hours of practice, preparation and then performance – all part of the blood-sweat-and-tears package. Many have dedicated several years of intense training and preparation just for a shot at the world stage. And we Read more about 7 Ways to Achieve Maximum Performance like an Olympian[…]

10 Ways to be more Confident (Infographic)

While some are born confident, others aren’t. But like any other skill, confidence is something which can be stretched and developed.

Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, a client brief/presentation, a challenging negotiation session or just attending a social or professional networking event, a boost in confidence can go a long way for you.

Here are 10 ways on how you can develop those confidence muscles.