There are no rewards for those who play it safe

Whatever you've achieved in life involved taking a (calculated) risk and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Everyone has a coach. Who are you coached by?

Having a coach is not something reserved only for performing artists, elite athletes or business executives. Who's your coach?

How to get out of underemployment

An accounting graduate working in a cafe to pay the bills is essentially underemployed. And that's a threat to one's potential. Here's how…

90 percent of interview candidates forget to do this and it’s costing them

It's not what happens before or during the interview, but after.

The simple guide to standing out from the crowd

All of us are born unique, but most die a copy. In a world full of noise and distractions, it pays to differentiate yourself and stand out…

Complaining and executing take about the same amount of effort

You can complain that you can't fit into your clothes or you can go to the gym. Both consume energy, but the latter changes the outcome.

Be the bigger person

When offended, it's tempting to want to punch the other person squarely in the face. But you can forgive and move on. You can be the bigger…

A letter to my naysayers

You hate on my dreams because you have given up on yours. And it says more about yourself than about me.